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    Such gorgeous light

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    Lou belongs in a film ☀️✨🌅 #London #light

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    I just jumbled together the most glorious lunch - I’m so excited and it’s sunny so I’m going to eat it in the garden 👌😍🌞☀️#food #foodporn

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    this is amazing

    Breathtaking shit right here

    looks like joint land 2 me

    Immie your room is like ‘joint land’ good old

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    - My hair is on the verge of gross so I have a wonky bun and Im wearing earrings that aren’t hoops I don’t really look like me.

    - Can’t find any mascara so ghost lashes it is

    - Lots of checks // squares

    - Going to be late once again as per usual because I’ve stopped bothering with college mornings I really need to get back On It and actually make a conscious effort to get up. (And eat breakfast)

    - Lovely old Carol next door complimented me on my legs this morning ha ha ha

    - It’s definitely a Curtis Mayfield sort of day

    - I am going for A Drink With A Boy tonight lol

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    Making future interrailling plans

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    Brugges, June 2013

    While everyone else settled in Brasseries in the sun, taking advantage of the lower drinking age Calum and I went-a-wandrin’. We were bored of the whole drinking for the sake of it thing, we just wanted to explore. We picked our way through the cobbled streets of Brugges, a new gorgeously quaint street emerging at every corner. We stumbled across this scene, pictured above- a sign to the left read “Enter at your own risk” handwritten in three languages (English, French and Flemish). “Enter at your own risk”? Accompanied by flowers and warm sunlight? We weren’t exactly sure what to expect but cautiously dipped under the chain and entered. Inside was like stepping into an enchanted garden. The dilapidated building had been completely transformed. Every inch of the crumbling stone walls blossomed with greenery; flowers, hanging baskets, ivy, creepers, with the sunlight filtering through holes in the roofs and highlighting splashes of colour amongst the green. The smell of damp lingered softly underneath the heavy scent of the plants. It was magical experience. I took some photos from the inside but it was too dark and they didn’t come out.

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    Doing sum paintin

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    Architecture in London